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Enterprise Culture

Enterprise Culture

Corporate Vision

A strong like-minded team will be built. Continuous innovation and efforts will be made in independent research and development, high-quality production and accurate customer service so that Wuhan Hongxin will be leading the position in the world in the field of integrated circuits, integrated system technology and professional electronic system manufacturing business model. We will make great efforts for the development of the global economy and for the improvement of the well-being of mankind.


Corporate Mission

Design, develop and manufacture integrated circuits and advanced packaging technologies, and provide the highest quality and complete system OEM services to manufacturers of Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other electronic products in combination with industry partners.


Corporate Target

Holding the spirit of Actively Catching-up, Taking the Lead in Layout, Leading Technology and Mode Innovation, Hongxin Semiconductor has the following three targets:

1. Actively catching up with the advanced semiconductor technology from 14nm, 7nm, 5nm to 3nm;

2. Taking the lead in the layout of the post-Moore technology requirements and gain the technical leadership of the Integrated System after 3nm;

3. Innovating the business model to drive the development of domestic chip application and basic science, and establish the leading position of global industry.


Core Value

Honesty and Integrity

Continuous Innovation

Customer First

Unity and Win-win