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Professional Service

Professional Service

Based on the industry characteristics of extremely complex advance logic process manufacture process below 14nm, extremely high design capacity requirements and tape-out cost, HSMC provides chip design (Fabless), Integrated Device Manufacturer (IDM) and system integrator with high performance chip demands at home and abroad with the following comprehensive professional services:


Design Services - IP / EDA / Turnkey Service

HSMC will build a powerful advanced logic process Intellectual Property (IP) and design service team, and cooperate with the global first-class third-party IP companies and EDA companies to continuously match and optimize our own 14nm and 7nm process platforms so as to provide customers with multilevel design services, covering standard and customized IP development, full-custom circuit layout design and one-stop service of overall product solution (Turnkey) matching with customers' demand.


Multi-project Wafer (MPW) Service

In view of the huge cost demands from advanced process photomask manufacture and tape-out, HSMC can provide customers regularly with multi-project wafer (MPW) services of 14nm and 7nm process platforms to assist customers in accelerating time-to-market and reducing time costs of early R&D and verification.


Photomask Services

HSMC will cooperate with advanced logic process photomask manufactures leading in the world to provide customers with high-quality photomask services at competitive prices. HSMC provides all kinds of flexible photomask service modes, and can cooperate with photomask manufactures designated by customers or select proper manufacturer to manage the manufacture of photomask so as to enable economic and convenient integrated service for customers.


Last Stage Services - Advanced Package/Test

HSMC will establish complete last stage service system which can provide comprehensive wafer-level test, wafer sawing, advanced package and final test solution to meet the demands of customers in the last stage.


Online Tape-out Services

HSMC will put convenient and direct online tape-out system in place to provide customers with rich and colorful online services, and assist them in successfully completing tape-out procedures after tape-out, check process station and manufacture schedule according to the batch number of wafer in a real-time way, and thus to facilitate the subsequent online production management.