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Through putting perfect talent cultivation and promotion system in place, the Company fully arouses staff's motivation to study and passion for work. Along with the development of the Company, professional knowledge and skills of staff will be continuously improved,


And meanwhile they can become industry experts in the professional fields or excellent leaders in management fields according to their own interests and ambitions.


Adhering to the employment principle of "deciding post based on ability and remuneration on contribution with personality coming first", HSMC expects that the professional talents, who are willing to develop in the semiconductor industry for a long term, have a strong sense of discipline, execution force and good team-work spirit...



Classification summary:
Senior IE Engineer
Job Responsibilities:1. FAB cost system, establishment and maintenance of material requirements system, providing improved solutions;2. Set FAB cost targets, analyze reports, provide improvement plans, and manage cost improvement activities;3. Assist in establishing a supply chain and inventory management system;4. Establish cost and material management practices, establish standard processes and drive process improvement.

1. Engaged in IE work experience of 5 years (inclusive) or above, and 12 吋 factory experience is preferred;2. Those who have relevant work experience in capacity analysis, cost management, etc., and have priority in system construction and development experience;3. skilled database system query operations, with programming skills are preferred.
Please submit your resume toHR@hsmc-email.com
Installation cost engineer
Job Responsibilities:1. Responsible for reviewing the design budget and construction drawing budget of the installation part of the project;2. Responsible for the installation of the project and the bidding business analysis and clearing negotiation work of the subcontracted project and assist in the completion of the contract signing work;3. Responsible for the dynamic cost management related to project installation;4. Responsible for the whole process management of cost control during project construction period;5. Participate in the cost evaluation of the project and implement cost improvement measures.
Qualifications:1. Bachelor degree or above in engineering, installation and cost engineering;2, more than 5 years of installation related cost work experience, not less than one project pre-clearing process experience, industrial project development experience is preferred;3. Familiar with the whole process of industrial project development, familiar with the market price information of installation materials, and able to complete the whole process of installation cost management independently;4. Strong sense of responsibility, teamwork and professional ethics, positive optimism and strong ability to withstand pressure;5. Registered cost engineers are preferred.