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Talent Recruitment Concep

Talent Recruitment Concep

Adhering to the employment principle of "deciding post based on ability and remuneration on contribution with personality coming first", HSMC expects that the professional talents, who are willing to develop in the semiconductor industry for a long term, have a strong sense of discipline, execution force and good team-work spirit, and can play their role at the posts with the attitude of ownership, can join us.

Excellent expert team, rich experience in process, advanced manufacture technology

The Company brings together a team of top experts in the R&D and manufacture field of semiconductor wafer in the world, possessing rich experience in advanced logic process of 14nm and below 7nm node FinFET and advanced wafer-level packaging technology. Adhering to the concept of repaying China with "chips" sincerely and realizing China's Dream, HSMC radiates across the country from Wuhan with a global view.