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Job Requirements



Classification summary:
Senior IE Engineer
Job Responsibilities:1. FAB cost system, establishment and maintenance of material requirements system, providing improved solutions;2. Set FAB cost targets, analyze reports, provide improvement plans, and manage cost improvement activities;3. Assist in establishing a supply chain and inventory management system;4. Establish cost and material management practices, establish standard processes and drive process improvement.

1. Engaged in IE work experience of 5 years (inclusive) or above, and 12 吋 factory experience is preferred;2. Those who have relevant work experience in capacity analysis, cost management, etc., and have priority in system construction and development experience;3. skilled database system query operations, with programming skills are preferred.
Please submit your resume toHR@hsmc-email.com
Installation cost engineer
Job Responsibilities:1. Responsible for reviewing the design budget and construction drawing budget of the installation part of the project;2. Responsible for the installation of the project and the bidding business analysis and clearing negotiation work of the subcontracted project and assist in the completion of the contract signing work;3. Responsible for the dynamic cost management related to project installation;4. Responsible for the whole process management of cost control during project construction period;5. Participate in the cost evaluation of the project and implement cost improvement measures.
Qualifications:1. Bachelor degree or above in engineering, installation and cost engineering;2, more than 5 years of installation related cost work experience, not less than one project pre-clearing process experience, industrial project development experience is preferred;3. Familiar with the whole process of industrial project development, familiar with the market price information of installation materials, and able to complete the whole process of installation cost management independently;4. Strong sense of responsibility, teamwork and professional ethics, positive optimism and strong ability to withstand pressure;5. Registered cost engineers are preferred.

General ledger accounting manager
Job Responsibilities:1. Responsible for the establishment of the general ledger accounting system, supervising and reviewing accounting and voucher accounting;2. Responsible for the company's final account management, organization of financial statements, submission, data analysis, etc.;3. Organization cost management and accounting;4. Responsible for the internal control self-inspection within the organization department;5. Responsible for following up the establishment and improvement of the financial system.
Mechanical air conditioning chief engineer
Job Responsibilities:1. Air conditioning / air pressure / boiler / elevator / vacuum / exhaust system planning, operation monitoring and maintenance management;2. A blacksmith or other electrical related license is required;3. The semiconductor manufacturing industry has more than 2 years experience in power and air conditioning.

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